March Calendar 2015

It’s always good to move out of winter into March and the beginning of spring. The first flowers are appearing in the garden and the first seeds sowed.


Sowed this month into modules in the shed

  • Tomato (Marmande, Sweet 100, Moneymaker)
  • Broad beans (The Sutton)
  • Peas (Provence)
  • Sweet Peas

Directly into the ground

  • Radish

And we also have potatoes chitting (Belle de Fontenay, Sarpo Mira), these will be planted out in the second week of April.

weekly photo challenge: orange

The challenge this week was “orange” and I took the opportunity of a countryside walk to pick out suitable subjects. What soon becomes clear are the many shades of orange trending from the edges of yellow and blending into red. I had hoped that the local brickwork and tiles would offer some good shots and I was not disappointed , but orange can be found in many places, even sitting on a bridge!


weekly photo challenge: reward


Over at la petite maison bijoux, caroline has been blogging about our recent work in the garden. Busy, busy!


Originally posted on la petite maison bijoux:

I’m certainly not casting any clouts just yet, but we have had some dry sunny days over the past couple of weeks, so we’ve taken the opportunity to start work in the garden. There’s a lot to do at this time of year, some of which should probably have been done last autumn, but never mind.

We’ve been clearing beds, weeding and mulching, cutting back the remains of last year’s perennials (I like to leave them over the winter to provide some structure), hacking down brambles, and even sowing some broad bean seeds in the propagator.

It can be hard going at this time of year, but the rewards are tremendous. Beautiful flowers and soft fruit in the summer, then delicious fruit and vegetables well into the autumn.

I’ll just remind myself of that as I rub my aching back.

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February Calendar 2015


chitting potatoes "Belle de Fontenay"

chitting potatoes “Belle de Fontenay”

Its been a month of contrasts with heavy snow at times interspersed with warm sunny days, though at the moment its overcast and drizzling.

The good news is that the seed potatoes are now bought and chitting. “Belle de Fontenay” earlies an old french variety, and “Sarpo Mira” main crop. The latter are a new variety of blight resistant potatoes from Hungary

The next job will be sowing our broad beans “The Sutton” into old toilet rolls as shown in the videos by the 10 Minute Gardener.

Our daffodils and crocus plants are beginning to show through as is the wild garlic. In the orchard area new buds are showing on all our fruit bushes leading to thoughts of crumble to come! The strawberry bed obviously is in need of a bit of attention in the coming weeks.