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From the La Petite Maison blog, Caroline has an excellent review of our garden this spring.

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We’ve put in lot of hard work with the garden since we moved, and this spring we’re really starting to see the results. The picture above is the first of our fruit trees to blossom this year. It’s an apple, Belle de Boskoop. Our Reine de Reinette is not far behind. We have a couple of older local varieties, which are taking a little longer to bloom, but I’m sure they’ll get there. We’re nowhere near past the danger of heavy frost yet, so they may be very wise to hold back!

The fruit bushes that we planted at the same time are all doing well, and the redcurrants in particular seem to be forming little sprays of what will (hopefully) become fruit. The perennials that we bought from Campanule and Compagnie last spring are all re-shooting, and looking very healthy.

We have a small plastic greenhouse this year…

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Terracotta strawberry bed borders

20140416-strawberry bed

Old terracotta tiles form a border for our new strawberry bed.

We were on a walk going through the small village of Domarget when we saw a very attractive potager garden on the banks of the river. The beds were all delineated with old  terracotta tiles and looked gorgeous. We knew we had a pile of old tiles behind the barn so set too creating our own tile border for the new strawberry patch made with runners from last years strawberries.

We are very pleased with the result and are in the process of doing some other beds this way.

20140416-strawberry bed closeup

Strawberry “Gariguette” just coming into flower.

Walk: Col de Montclard – Trabesson – Armand – Col de Montclard


A beautiful morning walk from the nearby Col at 850 metres up to Trabesson at 1053 metres. We came upon a deer in a field on the way up, but it kicked and sped away as soon as it heard us. Last time we did this walk the trees (almond??) around Armand were in full blossom, only budding today. Both the Mont Dore and the Puy Mary were clearly visible topped with snow.

When we returned to the Col we met another walker who was walking through every local commune a total of over 1000 km!

April sowings



April is here and its bright, warm and sunny. We have been sowing seeds most days, according to the relevant moon dates for the different seeds.

The flowers have all come from rather wonderful Ben at The Higgledy Garden, whose seeds gave us a fabulous display last summer.  We tried an autumn sowing and overwintering the seedlings to very little success. So we have sown a new batch this spring. (Bupleurem, Calendula, Corncockle, Cornflower, Feverfew, Foxglove, Hesperis, Nigella, Phacelia, Scabiosa, Sunflower.)


These are all now in our new serre – courtesy of Lidl!



We have finished constructing and filling the raised beds and have put some to use immediately for shallots and beetroot. Meanwhile in the shed we have pea, squash, courgette, kale and lettuce seedlings coming through. I’ve tried to learn from last years lettuce glut and have sown six modules every couple of weeks to spread the harvest out.

This Sunday is a moon planting date for potatoes so our early “Mona Lisa”s will be planted out. They are looking very healthy after chitting for a few weeks in the shed.

After the potatoes the next to be planted out will be the peas. Though we will have to keep a sharp eye on the weather for frost and fleece them over if any is forecast.

Weekly photo challenge: reflections


P1010874 - cormatin chateau

Chateau de Cormatin

We visited the Chateau de Cormatin last July while on holiday in Burgundy. It was a hot and sultry day ideal for showing off the reflections in the Lac du Miroir.

First of all is the pleasure of discovery here and this pleasure is infinite. You can vary the views by doing a turn round the chateau, walk the promenades to look down on the large central parterre, wander over the grassy paths and identify plants and shrubs that parade for us, follow the shimmering reflections the length of the quiet mirrors of water, discover the old oaks, the avenue of lime trees, the outdoor theatre, cast an admiring eye over the play of colors, which enliven the vegetable garden … Michel Baridon.