weekly photo challenge: trio

20151117 151117


This weeks photo challenge is “Trio”. This is a group of three gargoyles on the chevette of the Basilica in Brioude, which has recently been restored.

This was one of the first batch of photos taken with my new Nikon D33OO camera and a 35mm Nikon lenses. The detail it captures is amazing and allows for a lot of manipulation and cropping.

The original photo is as below.


20151117 151117 2


Have a look at what other responses there has been to “Trio” over on the Daily Post blog.

Whisky Galore! (and brandy)

20151108 114846


To make way for the Sloe Brandy we have bottled up our Blackberry Whisky made in early September. We obviously had to have a taste to see how it’s progressing as we haven’t made it before. It was…gorgeous! And to be put away now until Christmas, possibly!

I followed the instructions over on The Crafty Larder, but cut back on the sugar a bit.

Meanwhile the sloes this year were very ripe and juicy so not much pricking was required, they are now macerating for a couple of months in 75l of brandy and 200 grammes of sugar.

Now, any ideas on what we can do with those whisky soaked brambles?

October calendar 2015



The nights are drawing in and becoming colder, down to 3C last night. So the garden is mostly shutting down, though the kale and leeks keep going!

The autumn colours are showing well in the garden, especially our beech tree.

There are also a few flowers hanging on into late autumn, giving some extra colour to the garden.

the advance of autumn


Some autumn thoughts from Grahy.

Originally posted on la petite maison bijoux:


It’s now late October, and autumn has well and truly arrived here in our corner of Auvergne. There are a lot of mushrooms springing up in the garden, as well as the surrounding woodland, and a correspondingly large number of locals gathering them. I’m not sure that the ones pictured above are good for eating (in fact I very much doubt that they are), but they do look rather lovely.

We’re still getting little late fruit from the strawberries, but I think the autumn fruiting raspberries are going to come to nothing this year. They’re very late, following the extremely hot, dry summer, and I don’t think they’ll have the chance to ripen now. Better luck next year, I hope. The borlotti beans have done OK though.

We still have a lot of colour from various flowers, wild and cultivated, including the calendula which have now self seeded all over the garden…

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